candle wax stain


Candle wax on your carpet can be a headache but lucky for you we have some nifty tricks to get the wax out. Read on!

  1. Candle wax is easier to remove when it’s firm. If the candle wax is fairly soft you can make it firm up by applying a plastic bag with ice in it to the area. Make sure the bag is waterproof and feel free to let it sit on the area until the wax is good and chilled.
  2. Once the ice is firm use a metal spoon to carefully lift as much of the wax as possible from the carpet. If the wax has penetrated deeper into the carpet you can spread the fibers with your fingers to give better access for the spoon to scrape gently at the wax to remove it. It is very important to be gentle, you don’t want to damage the carpet fibers. If as you work the wax starts to get soft again then you can reapply the ice as necessary.
  3. Once you have removed as much of the ice as possible with your spoon then it’s time to try either a commercial spot remover or dry cleaning liquid n the spot. Remember to follow the product instructions carefully.   Also, you should never apply dry cleaning liquid directly to your carpet, you should apply it to a cloth and then use the cloth to treat the stain.

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