coffee stain carpet

Coffee lovers should love this one! We have the skinny on how to deal with coffee stains on your carpet. It doesn’t matter how you take your coffee; with cream or sugar or black, just act fast to avoid having to work harder later. Enjoy!

  1. Use clean, white towels (paper or cloth) to absorb as much of the coffee as possible. Never rub a stain, just blot.
  2. Treat the spot with soapy water. You can either use a mild dish soap or a carpet shampoo for this. Don’t go overboard on the soap, use about a quarter teaspoon per two cup of warm water. To apply you can either pour the mixture onto the stain directly or use a clean colorfast sponge to dab at the stain. Again, no rubbing!
  3. Time to rinse, you’ll want to rinse the area with warm water to remove all traces of the soap. You can again pour or dab with a sponge.
  4. It’s important to dry the area really well. Use clean white towels for best results, as a towel gets too damp grab a dry one and continue; pressing down firmly into the carpet to remove all remaining moisture.

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